Why you should buy or lease a Toyota!

At Merced Toyota we offer a great selection of new Toyota sedans, SUVS, trucks, and a minivan! With all these options we're sure you'll be able to find the right new Toyota that suits your style, meets your all needs, and fits your budget.

Reliability & Price

Even with a competitive rate for financing and leasing, getting a new vehicle is a big, financial deal. However, it's not just the initial costs you should keep in mind, but also the cost of upkeep. We won't name names, but there are some brands out there that have notably low prices, yet their customers are always paying for service. Thankfully, that's not the case for Toyota. These models are known reliability and being able to go the distance. Because the brand has been around a long time, they also hold their value very well, and while they aren't the least expensive on the market, they also aren't the most expensive either.


From the entry-level models to the leaders of the pack, you'll find exciting technology on new Toyota vehicles, which is a big reason to buy them. For example, a touchscreen is standard on most of the base models, and most of the new Toyota models come standard with the Toyota Safety Sense™ system of crash avoidance and driver assistance technologies! With many brands, you won't get those features standard.


Another big reason to buy or lease a Toyota is the size of the lineup. If you are an entry-level shopper, you won't have just one option to choose from. There are several that will suit your needs. Shopping for an SUV? Well, we even have one that is built specifically for the off-roading crowd! Each Toyota trim also has at least one but usually several package options too, so you can really customize your new Toyota and get exactly what you want aboard your ride.

For more information on our inventory, visit our dealership this week. We're eager to show off what we have, find you the right model, and send you off with a vehicle you're sure to love! You can also visit our reasons to buy a Toyota page for more info.

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