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Toyota Care

Peace of mind with every new Toyota. We at Toyota are devoted to safety and dependability, and proper vehicle maintenance is important to both. That's why we're including a no cost maintenance plan [1] with the purchase or lease of every new Toyota. For 2 years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first, you and your new vehicle will be covered. It's complimentary peace of mind, and we're the only full-line brand to offer anything like it.


Factory-trained Toyota technicians will help you fulfill maintenance obligations and help improve your Toyota's overall value, while keeping a complete history of maintenance visits. Toyota will also deliver timely reminders before your scheduled maintenance.
Toyota Care Scheduled Factory Maintenance Covers:

    * Oil and filter [2]
    * Lubrication check of key chassis parts
    * Tire rotation
    * 19-point inspection

19-Point Inspection

19 points are checked on your car to identify potential issues, reducing the possibility of a part failure. The preventative maintenance is designed to keep your car, and your bank account, in the best shape possible.
Fluids inspected and replenished:

    * 1.     Brake master cylinder
    * 2.     Clutch master cylinder
    * 3.     Transmission
    * 4.     Differential
    * 5.     Coolant
    * 6.     Windshield washer
    * 7.     Power steering
    * 8.     Transfer case (if applicable)

Visual inspection of:

    * 9.     Air filter
    * 10.    System hoses
    * 11.    Drive belts
    * 12.    Axle boots
    * 13.    Shock absorbers/suspension
    * 14.    PCV valve (if applicable)
    * 15.    Cooling system
    * 16.    Exhaust system/muffler
    * 17.    Tire wear
    * 18.    Tire pressure
    * 19.    Windshield wipers
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